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Shawn Jackson

Mondern Day Nostradamus

View Predicting 911 DVD Trailer

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Nostradamus, born 21 December 1503, became world renowned for his ability to predict the future. His predictions were published beginning in 1555. Throughout his life and beyond, his writings have been used in comparison to world changing events.

Shawn Jackson has had his share of premonitions and predictions come true as well. His premonitions include events such as the September 11 attacks, Michael Jackson’s premature death, the murder of Tupac, and Whitney Houston’s untimely passing. He has also spent time invading the minds of notorious serial killers such as John Wayne Gacy and Charles Manson, as well as Dr. Jack Kevorkian. All of these experiences have proven his ability to see beyond the general thought process that we all possess.

Predictions come from all different sources. Educated guesses are often used in betting on races and sports events. Financial gurus offer predictions on the economy, stock activities, and other global financial events. These types of predictions are based on reviewing facts and looking for trends. Premonitions, such as Jackson and Nostradamus, are different because they are based on something entirely different.

Predictions based on premonitions are much more difficult to process. Many people will claim to have premonitions after a major event has occurred. These come from feelings or dreams of an event. Most cannot be proven because the majority of people keep these feelings to themselves. However, when a person becomes more sensitive to these feelings they begin to realize they are real predictions. Those that are in tune with these feelings will often become overwhelmed with them to the point of needing to issue warnings when something bad is about to happen.

Sensitive's and psychics are truly rare. These are people that are in tune with their precognitive feelings and are able to accurately predict events. Though rare, these people are often used as a resource to assist law enforcement in finding missing persons and solving crimes.

A true psychic or sensitive is a valuable resource for seeing into the beyond. Mind traveling can be done through various means including dreams, touch, meditation, and general sensitivity to feelings. For more information about Shawn’s predictions, follow the links in the website or attend one of his seminars.